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Our vision is to be the leading organization for the enhancement of the utility vegetation management industry.

About UAA

The UAA is an organization of over 5,000 individuals with interest in and a commitment to the maintenance of trees and other vegetation for the purpose of ensuring the safe and reliable distribution of energy, including electric, oil and gas, to business and residences.


“Our mission is to drive excellence, innovation and change through professional development, outreach, research, and the promotion of best practices.”


“Our vision is to be the leading organization for the enhancement of the utility vegetation management industry.”

View the UAA Vision 2020 Model.

An outline of the UAA Annual Plan 2015-16 is divided into UAA committee goals.

UAA Core Value

“A culture of safety, environmental sustainability, and operational excellence are the foundation on which our vision and mission are built."


UAA is a volunteer-led organization supported by a small staff which includes the Operations Manager and the Executive Director.

The Executive Committee partners with the staff, and this includes the President, President Elect, Vice President, Treasurer and 3-6 Directors supported by the immediate Past President. The Treasurer is elected annually. All others are elected for three-year terms. 

Our UAA Past Presidents


Rising Star Award: given to individuals who are relatively early in their career yet have already shown leadership of the organization and the industry. 

Utility Arborist Award: recognizes an individual engaged in utility vegetation management who has been demonstrating industry leadership.

Lifetime Achievement: recognizes someone who has contributed to the industry over a lifetime of service. 

Educator Award: is given to individuals recognized for the contribution to the education and training of utility vegetation management professionals. 

President’s Award: is presented by the outgoing president to recognize individuals they felt assisted them or the industry in extraordinary ways before, during and after their term of office.

PinE Award: The Utility Arborist Association is the leading North American organization for the enhancement of quality utility arboriculture and right-of-way management. Our success relies on the support we receive from all of our members, sponsors and volunteers. Companies that go above and beyond to support our mission will be recognized annually. Membership, sponsorship, advertising, active committee volunteerism, and many other means have been quantified and assigned a value, all adding up to equal your PinE Score.

Silver Shield Award: is presented to a person who is on the front line of safety and may have official or unofficial roles within an organization. They influence and promote a safety culture at every turn.  

Past Award Recipients

Rising Star Award

2017 Eric Brown

2016 Brandon Hughson

2015  Joel Smith and Sara Sankowich

2014  Tim Lawyer


Utility Arborist Award

2017 Paul Appelt

2016 Geoff Kempter

2015  Brian Skinner

2014  James Barnhart 

2013  James S. Downie 

2012  Stephen Tankersley 

2011  Ward Peterson 

2010  Pedro Castro 

2009  Jennifer Arkett 

2008  Dale Crutchfield 

2007  Brian Fisher 

2006  Michael Neal 

2005  Matt Simons 

2004  Tom Sullivan 

2003  Steve Cieslewicz 

2002  Steve Hallmark 

2001  Phil Charlton 

2000  Bill Massey 

1999  Galen Wright 

1998  Kevin Eckert 

1997  Ray Henning 

1996  John Goodfellow 

1995  Eric Ulrich 

1994  Mike Watson

Education Award Honors 

2017 Neil Theissen

2016 Robert Young

2015  Dr. Chris Nowak

2014  Nelsen Money 

2013  Richard Yarnell 

2012  Siegfried Guggenmoos 

2011  Randall H. Miller 

2010  Randall Swanson 

2009  John Goodfellow 

2008  Dave Krause and Joseph Lentz 

2007  William R. Chaney 

2006  H. Lynn Grayson 

2005  Geoffrey Kempter 

2004  Logan Norris 

2003  Rick Johnstone 

2002  Harvey Holt 

2001  Richard Abbott 

2000  Kenneth Carvell 

1999  Don Ham 

1998  Henry Gerhold 

1997  Richard Byrnes 

1996  William Bramble 

1995  Alex Shigo 

1994  Keith Jones


Silver Shield Safety Champion Award 

2017 Richard Zito and Bob Gordon

2016  Kevin Meyer and Will Nutter



Lifetime Achievement Award 

2017 Nelsen Money

2016 Ward Peterson

2015  Mike Neil and Kevin McLoughlin

2014  Larry Abernathy 

2013  Ray Henning 

2012  H. Lynn Grayson 

2011  Richard Alt 

2010  Billy Mills 

2009  Howard Bowles 

2008  Weston J. Davis 

2007  Jeffrey Smith 

2006  Kenneth Finch 

2005  Jim Barnhart 

2004  Kenneth Carvell 

2003  John Elsesser 

2002  Robert Tate 

2001  Mike Watson 

2000  Richard Wells 

1999  Jim Orr 

1998  Dennis Holewinski 

1997  Neil Thiessen 

1996  Richard Abbott 


Presidents award

2017 Nelsen Money

2016 Rich Hendler 


PinE Award  

2017 PG&E, ACRT, Davey, Xcel Energy, Asplundh, CNUC, ECI Consulting, Lewis Tree and Wright Tree 

2016  ACRT, CNUC, PG&E, Trees Inc. 



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