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UAA Spotlight on Safety

Active Shooter Response Training

The course is available on the main page of Vivid Learning and will go through the "what to do's" of being involved in an active shooter situation

Follow this link to watch course on Vivid Learnings website

Do you know what to do if near downed power lines? 

Take a moment to watch the video here, that simulates what to do in a situation with downed power lines. 

Feel free to share this as it could save a life!   

Thank you to Davey Tree Expert and Puget Sound Energy for sharing this with the UAA.

Overgrown Vegetation Poses Dangers

Vegetation growing in the wrong place can create public and worker safety hazards, initiate devastating fires, and much more. Overgrown vegetation can prevent utility workers from seeing dangers, such as damaged facilities and gas leaks. Vegetation that isn’t properly maintained can also prevent workers from accessing facilities to make necessary repairs.

Overgrown vegetation growing in and around electric facilities can also create risks to uniformed or unaware property owners and improperly trained tree workers. The stories of homeowners and local tree care workers injured or killed by coming in contact with power lines are all too common.

For more information on the risk posed by working near power lines, watch a great video produced by Xcel Energy.

Climbers rope fed into a chipper (simulation only) 

A safety video shared by CalLine Equipment in Livermore, CA on what happens when a climbers rope becomes tangled and fed into a chipper (simulation)

Watch Video 

If you have safety videos that you think are valuable to our industry and are willing to share them, please email them to office@gotouaa.org and we will share them here.

Be sure to let us know in the email the person or company to give credit to on the video as well as a little background!

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