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Wright Tree Service Launches Fourth Safety Training Video

Des Moines, Iowa – August 15, 2017 – Wright Tree Service launched a new safety training video, “Fall Hazard Awareness.” This video is the fourth in a series of safety training videos released by Wright Tree Service to encourage safe work practices and emphasize the importance of safety in the utility vegetation management industry.

“Fall Hazard Awareness” discusses several steps to follow to avoid falling while working on a jobsite. The video highlights a pre-job survey to identify potential hazards, proper tie in at all times, proper footing, three points of contact when entering or exiting a piece of equipment or vehicle, and emphasizes the Wright Tree Service Brother’s and Sister’s Keeper motto.

The video is targeted to new employees at Wright Tree Service but is also intended to be useful for all employees as well as others in the utility vegetation management industry and the general public.

“Wright Tree Service is proud to release our fourth safety training video, said Will Nutter, president and chief operating officer. “Our entire safety video series is intended to provide consistent training to employees on subjects that directly relate to the hazards they could encounter when on a jobsite. We are excited to release it to our employees and continue putting a strong emphasis on our company’s number one value of safety. Our goal is to continue educating employees so they can go home safe.”

”Fall Hazard Awareness”, along with the entire Wright Tree Service safety training video series, is available in both English and Spanish at www.wrighttree.com/safetyvideos. A fifth safety training video is set to release in 2018.

About Wright Tree Service

Wright Tree Service is an employee-owned company offering the entire package of vegetation management services, including integrated vegetation management, storm restoration, and work planning services to utility companies and their communities across the country. Our operations are guided by a set of values: safety, integrity, quality, teamwork, innovation, and family. Since our founding in 1933, our commitment to safety has always been our highest value.

For more information please contact Sara Harpenau at 515-271-1135 or sharpenau@wrightservicecorp.com. 


Naperville, IL, March 16, 2017 – TREE Fund is pleased to announce its final round of 2016 grant awards for urban tree research and education. With these grants, the 501(c)3 charity reached a record-breaking ~$550,000 in new awards in 2016, bringing its total disbursement of funding to nearly $3.2 million since its inception in 2002.

To read more about this exciting news, click here!


News Release

ST. PETER, Minn. – Jarraff Industries, manufacturer of the Mini-Jarraff Rear Lot Trimmer, recently launched a new website for its Mini-Jarraff Rear Lot Trimmer. The easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly site offers comprehensive information about the Mini-Jarraff Rear Lot Trimmer including technical specifications, operational features and capabilities.

Users can view photos and videos of the Mini-Jarraff in action. The website also provides access to the latest articles, press releases and newsletters with up-to-date information about the Mini-Jarraff.

The Mini-Jarraff is specifically designed for residential and municipal tree trimming. The unit offers a dynamic range of operation, while the boom delivers a 55-foot vertical reach.

The new website can be accessed at www.mini-jarraff.com.

Manufacturing Contact:

Jarraff Industries

1730 Gault St.

St. Peter, MN 56082

Phone: (800) 767-7112

Fax: (507) 934-8690


Agency Contact:

Jim Schill

Lime Valley Advertising, Inc.

Phone: (507) 345-8500

Fax: (507) 387-6901

E-mail: jschill@limevalley.com

UAA, EEI and Federal Land Agencies sign Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Vegetation Management for Powerline Rights-of-Way

Since 2013 the UAA has worked to update the expired MoU that existed between the various Federal land agencies and the EEI. The UAA signed the National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service and Environmental Protection Agency have joined the UAA and EEI in signing this MoU. (At his date EEI is in the process of signing).

The MoU does not have the weight of legislation or regulation but it establishes a basis for cooperation in an effort to provide better access to Federal lands by utilities for routine and emergency maintenance. It recognizes the need to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the planning and permitting process and commits both parties to working towards this end. The MoU commits the agencies, UAA and EEI to working with our regions/districts/members to ensure improvement is made in the field. It is also important to note that in the document all parties recognize integrated vegetation management (IVM) as the standard for maintenance of vegetation on utility corridors. IVM is the accepted best practice for effective control of incompatible vegetation and for achieving goals of controlling the spread of invasive species and promoting development of pollinator habitat.

Special thanks to a large team that has contributed to this effort over the years. These include: Anne Beard, Rick Johnstone, Andrew Rable, Derek Vannice, David Fleischner, Josiane Bonneau, Lorelei Phillips, Jim Downie, Mike Neal, Randy Miller, Travis Jones, Steve Tankersley, Steve Hallmark, Rick Loughery and Sarah Ball.

The MoU is available here to review


ISA Utility Specialist Certification – New Guide being finalized – HELP WANTED    

Randy Miller (Pacificorp) and Geoff Kempter (Asplundh) wrote the new study guide and ISA is in the process of design, layout and production.

HI-RES PHOTOS NEED: if you have any of the following photos, please send to office@gotouaa.org with your name, contact information and a brief description of each photo.

 Chapter  Figure Wanted
 Electrical Knowledge  Electric generator
 Electrical Knowledge  3-Ø generator winding
 Electrical Knowledge  Steam turbine generator
 Electrical Knowledge  Wind turbine
 Electrical Knowledge  Airbrake switch
 Electrical Knowledge  Oil Switch
 IVM  Global positioning platform screen shot
 IVM  LiDAR screen shot
 IVM  Tree preservation zone
 Program Management  Gantt Chart - schedule screen shot
 Program Management  Vehicle Monitoring System screen shot
 Safety  Job briefing example
 Properly protected utility tree workers



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